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How to Increase Your Energy Levels – Spiritually

September 13, 2012

We have been focusing on energy levels the last few articles. Specifically the four levels of energy which are:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual

Last week, we looked at the Mental Energy Levels.  In numerous workplaces, the message is that we need to work longer to increase our productivity. Many workplaces no longer have formal morning and afternoon tea breaks. We think we’re getting more done when we continue to work through lunch. A workout during the middle of the day is frowned upon. We’re encouraged to keep our heads down and grind away for as long as we can. However, when we are mentally rested it makes a massive difference to our ability to focus.

This week,  I am wishing to talk about how to Increase Your Energy levels – spiritually. Spiritual is not in the religious sense but is the connection to a deeply held set of values and the connection to your inner self, to having a greater purpose than your own good. It’s about contributing to society, which can drive us; it’s a purpose beyond our own self. This means our passion, commitment, integrity and honesty.

It’s about being in tune with yourself. Think of a radio station; you tune your inner self to the right frequency and you will move around like a favorite song.

We need to balance our spiritual energy between our commitment to others and our own personal self-care. Commitment to ourselves first, commitment to what we dream, desire, and believe in ourselves, and then the commitment to others will come with believing in ourselves and our own abilities.

When we’re connected and giving, it can drive us on in the tough times. It gives us the skills to breathe through the bumps and issues and cruise through the straight roads as we face each and every challenge. We can often motivate ourselves to do it for ‘others’ when we feel we have given our all. ‘Others’ is your own personal connection, whether that’s the poor in Africa, the bears in Asia, the bush fire victims in your own state or your local charity group.

These groups are beyond our own ‘self-interest.’ By giving to others, whether time, money, support, or encouragement, we stay committed to our values, dreams, desires and beliefs. This creates stability for our own lives. It gives us perspective about our own life. It can make us feel good, which helps us emotionally. We can develop strong relationships and generally better face our own personal challenges with a more positive frame of mind.

In the book “The Power of Full Engagement” the authors, Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz wrote, “Spiritual strength is reflected in the commitment to one’s deepest values, regardless of circumstances and even when adhering to them involves personal sacrifice. Spiritual flexibility, by contrast, reflects the tolerance for values and beliefs that are different than one’s own, so long as those values and beliefs don’t bring harm to others.”

It is important to think about our deepest values and ensure that we are behaving according to our values. That we are aligned, it is when we are misaligned that we struggle and battle with ourselves.

Being true to what you hold as your deepest values means you are aligned. It is worth taking the time to think this through as it makes a big difference to your overall energy levels.

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