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I Am Responsible

May 15, 2013

To release my potential
from past restrictive programming
of my subconscious,
it is extremely important
that I give myself the right to be me
and to function as I choose.
It is not possible to have sound self-esteem
if I am not true to myself
or give up responsibility and accountability
for my own life
as I seek to achieve fulfilment
of my needs and goals.

I want to allow myself the freedom to choose
without building a prison for myself with
“have to’s”, “cannot’s” and “they won’t let me’s.”

I recognise I am functioning
from my own free choice and I can either:
recognise myself as important,
valuable and interesting as a person,
or see myself as an absolute incompetent,
who is unworthy and unneeded.
I can choose to be kind, loving,
helpful, loyal and compassionate,
or to be lazy, cowardly, mean and disloyal.
I can choose to be happy,
free and succeed in each undertaking
or to fail and feel unimportant and less than others.

If I allow myself this freedom,
I must recognise
I am responsible for my decisions and actions
and be willing to accept
the consequences they bring.

I know I am the one
who will answer for my every action,
and will profit or suffer accordingly.

Therefore, before every important decision,
I ask myself:
What ought to be done for me?
Will it injure myself or others?
Is this in accord with my beliefs and goals?
Is it in alignment with reality as I see it?
Am I willing to fully accept the consequences?

To be truly free and to grow in self-esteem,
I must not give up my growth,
pursuit of fulfilment or happiness to anyone.

I choose to treat myself with dignity
and proceed to move toward full love,
wisdom, freedom and joy,
knowing I am the authority over me.


Author Unknown




  • Be true to you
  • Be 100% responsible for your life
  • Recognise me as important
  • Be free
  • Move forward

Thank you and I look forward to sharing more tips, strategies and skills to support you to be more organised so that you too can create a better life.

“Be an inspiration to yourself and

you will be an inspiration to others.”

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