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Mind Clutter and the Mind Body Connection

May 22, 2013

Simplicity… Clarity… Peace of mind… When was the last time you experienced that in your life?

Can you recall the last time you felt truly happy just being in the moment?

When your thoughts were not occupied by planning, prioritizing, analyzing or worrying?

Do you ever have those days when you just want to step back, stop, take a long deep breath, and feel tranquility and peace wash over yourself?

Aristotle said: “The energy of the mind is the essence of life.”

What do you think he meant by that?

Today, there is a great deal of research on the importance of managing our energy for optimal performance in every area of our lives.

Emotions play a pivotal role in harnessing or depleting mind energy.

It used to be that only the New Age thinkers or “those crazy hippies” believed that your thoughts could actually influence your health. Medical research increasingly supports the mind-body connection. Evidence from the field of psychoneuroimmunology gives us positive proof of the connection between our thoughts and our health.

For a long time, people were unaware that their thoughts and actions had any relation to their health or lack of it. Today, even the medical profession is beginning to acknowledge the body/mind connection. Dr. Deepak Chopra, author of the bestseller Ageless body, Timeless Mind, was invited by Sharp Hospital, a prominent West Coast Medical Institution, to set up a body / mind clinic there. Dr. Dean Ornish, who practices the holistic treatment of heart dis-ease, has been endorsed by Mutal of Omaha Insurance Company. This huge corporation is now allowing its claimants to receive his treatment under their plan. They have recognised that it is far less expensive to pay for a week’s stay at Dr. Ornish’s clinic than to pay for open-heart surgery.

In the coming years, I foresee the advent of the body/mind clinics at hospitals throughout the country, with insurance companies willingly paying for these treatments. Those who will benefit the most are the people who learn to take care of their own health. They will discover what it means to be truly healthy.

LIFE! Reflections on your journey

Louise L. Hay

Quote from the author BRIAN TRACY

“Set peace of mind as your highest goal,

and organize your life around it.”

What sort of things should we do to set peace of mind as our highest goal?

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